Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Obama: Devoted or Devious?"

Is there anyone else out there that thinks that the poignant story we were spoon-fed about Sen. Obama suddenly rushing to his beloved grandmother’s side, all because he was so concerned for her health, was just a little too “touching?” According to the reports, she had recently fallen and broken her hip and needed to be hospitalized.

This, you may recall, is the very same grandmother that Obama disrespected and nationally labeled as “a typical white person,” even after her years of willing sacrifice, love and a singular devotion toward seeing that Obama received an excellent education and was well cared for throughout his life; something that both his father and his mother did not or could not seem to do for him.

With only 14 days left in the campaign, Obama whisked off to Hawaii, but not to his grandmother’s hospital bedside as you would have naturally thought for someone at death’s door, but to her home. Another curious circumstance was the fact that if it was serious enough for Obama to disrupt his entire campaign schedule, having to cancel speaking engagements and rallies because his grandmother was so desperately ill, why did he chose not to take Michelle and the two girls along? It just doesn’t ring true to me; how about you?

Coincidentally, the very same day that Obama made his sudden plans to go to Hawaii, a press release was made by Philip J. Berg, the attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging his “lack of qualifications” to serve as the President of the United States because he did not have a valid, certified copy of his original birth certificate and/or an embossed, signed, paper certficate of live birth as verification that he was a natural-born citizen. The fact that Obama has continually ignored the issue and filed for dismissals in court should speak volumes to the American people. Why do you suppose Obama wouldn't just turn these documents in to the courts and make this whole thing disappear? Could it be that it's because these charges are true or is it because he has something to hide?

Currently, there is an appeal that has been filed and is now before the U. S. Supreme Court. The case is Berg v. Obama 08-cv-04083 and is referenced at: I know that there are those that are skeptical about whether this claim could possibly have any validity to it, but let me remind you of one thing: if all the stories that the Obama Campaign and FactCheck.Org have printed about how these charges against Obama are false and ridiculous are true, then why has this suit had enough merit to reach the highest court in the land? If this had all been resolved as Obama wanted you to think it had been, then why do you think he rushed to his grandmother's side? I personally think that he went there to double check that "Granny" didn't leave any incriminating evidence that would prove that he was actually born in Kenya or maybe on board a ship on the way to Kenya, like photos or even the missing birth certificate and certificate of live birth. Obama's grandmother from Kenya is only too happy to tell anyone that she sees that she was there the night he was born in the Kenyan hospital. She's a proud Kenyan grandmother whose grandson is running for President of the United States and she is understandably proud. This grandmother hasn't been asked to lie about that night yet, but time will tell.

FactCheck.Org, you may or may not know, is actually "The Annenberg Political Fact Check Organization" and is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, established in 1994 by Walter Annenberg. They have concluded by examining whatever document they had before them (it's been reported to have been a copy of his half-sister Auma's birth certificate, doctored with PhotoShop imaging to look like an "Obama-original") that it is, in fact, a certified copy of his original birth certificate. See their report here: One more important note I think I should make is that FactCheck.Org is primarily funded by the Annenberg Foundation. Are you getting clued in to just how "cozy" this all is yet? No? Well, read on.

The name "Annenberg" may seem familiar to you because that "coincidentally" is also the name of the project that Obama was chairman of under guidance from none other than unrepentant terrorist, William "Bill" Ayers. Ayers personally hand-picked Obama to Chair the $100 million "Annenberg Challenge Projects" in Chicago, whose purpose was to reportedly improve schools in the area. Instead of giving money to the needy schools where it would have done the most good, Obama and Ayers chose to distribute the money to pet projects of theirs referred to as "external partners of the schools." Some of the recipients of these funds are as follows: "Peace School," which had a United Nations theme; a project centered around African-American studies; Trinity United Church of Christ whose pastor was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, known to teach Black Liberation Theology and other divisive, subversive doctrine; and Family Justice Center, where Ayers' wife worked.

During a period of five years, Obama distributed the $60 million per year that was supposed to go to needy schools, to extremist organizations such as ACORN (Association for Community Organizations for Reform Now) whose primary function was to infuse students with their radical idealogy. ACORN is the same organization currently being investigated for voter fraud; the same organization that Obama previously worked for as a "leadership trainer" for their new recruits and also as one of their attornies in the 1995 suit that forced the state of Illinois to implement the federal "motor-voter" bill. In addition, while in his capacity as Chair of the Annenberg Challenge and after, monies were exchanged in contributions to his campaign and he also made sure that they continued to receive funding that they needed.

The same type of conflict-of-interest with regard to campaign contributions and funding being allocated to Annenberg affiliates brings the validity of the FactCheck.Org report into question. Here is the link to another study on the birth certificate that concludes without a doubt that it is a forgery: The U.S. Supreme Court will have to make the final determination on this one. I'm just wondering: What is Obama hiding?

This is just one more incident to be added to the growing number of misrepresentations, half-truths, secrets, and omissions that have become what seem to be what we can expect from Sen. Obama. Is that what you want from your next President? If not, then vote for honesty, integrity, and for the veteran who laid his life down for our country and our freedom instead. Vote for John McCain for President of the United States, 2008.

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may God bless America!


Jean Henry Mead said...

Whoa, Cynde, beautiful website but I had no idea that you're such a politically motivated person. I'm your first follower.

Cynde Hammond said...

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for "following" me. That really means a lot to me!

I'm glad you like the looks of my website. I still haven't figured out how to get my slideshow going, but when I do, it will be even better.

I've never been this politically motivated in my life, until now. I just feel that if Obama is voted in as President, our country is in grave danger from several different fronts and I feel it's my duty to voice my opinion and tell people the facts, so that they can make an intelligent decision come Election Day. There is so much misinformation out there that I want people to get the truth from somewhere!

Anyway, thank you again for "following" me! WOW! My very first follower; I can't believe it's true! WOOHOO!