Sunday, August 02, 2009

"What An Awesome Day We Had!"

On Thursday (30 July 2009), Dion took the day off from work because he was scheduled to work on Saturday and Sunday due to the special "Cash for Clunkers Sale". Thurday just happened to be the day that Carol and I were scheduled to go to the Pain Clinic together to see Dr. Ortiz, so Dion said, "Why don't I go along with you?" I was ecstatic! I was so excited that he would finally be able to get to meet "Dr. O" and see what I was talking about, so he could decide if he wanted him for his pain doctor as well.

Things were going along great; I had my clothes laid out; the packages that were to be mailed were ready to go; everything that I had to take with me was lined up; my list was ready; and I was ready to step into the shower. Then the phone rang. It was Josh. He had Noah with him and he wanted to visit, but I really didn't have time, or I wouldn't be able to get ready on time.

Dion decided to zip on over to his mom's and meet Josh there and take some pictures and then I would finish get ready when he came back. (He helps me with my shower, etc. because I'm disabled.) So he was only gone about 15 minutes and I got the bathroom ready for my shower when he was gone.

When he came back, we still had two hours before Carol was to pick us up, so we were still in good shape. I hopped in the shower and started singing away, happy because I knew my sweetheart would be with me all day, and then the phone rang again. I dismissed it, thinking it was probably just a telemarketer (they hound me all through the week, every week!), but it wasn't—it was Carol, wondering if it was at all possible if we could be ready in 20 or 25 minutes!

She had explained to Dion that "Dr. O" was being called away on an emergency and that if we weren't able to get there early, we'd have to wait a whole week until we could get in to see him again—and I couldn't wait that long. My prescriptions were running out! So, I told Dion to tell her we'd be ready.

And we were! In fact, Carol was late five minutes and we were standing outside waiting for her! That's the fastest I've ever taken a shower and gotten dressed. I would never have been able to do it without Dion, though. And when we got home that afternoon, I felt as if I'd been run over by a Mac truck!
But we did have a great day. We went to the doctor's, and then to Shur-Save for groceries, then to the Post Office in Trumansburg to mail a couple of packages, and then on to Mom's to see Mom and Sande. We laughed and talked and had a great time.

I was so proud to be able to show off having Dion as my husband—you know what I mean, right? I mean because I'm proud to call him my husband. I love him so much and he's so sweet—that kind of showing off.

While we were at Mom's, Dion showed us the pictures that he took of Noah at his mother's place. He said that Max, her dog, was so jealous that little Noah was getting so much attention, that he was barking his head off. Poor little Noah jumped about a foot every time Noah barked because his bark is so shrill. I know that Max likes Noah—he's just a little jealous of him, that's all. He'll get over it. And when Noah gets older, I bet that he and Max will be the best of friends!

Aren't those photos all adorable? He is so photogenic! And look at those huge eyes. He is such a good-natured little guy, too. Dion and I love him so much! And his mother does, too. My mother hasn't had a chance to meet him yet, but Josh and Chrissy and Noah will be going to see her very soon—probably in the next few weeks. I can't wait. I'd like to have Jon there with us so we can have some pictures taken. Maybe Sande and Carol can go, too.

By the way—Noah is three month old today—
"Happy Three-Month Birthday, Noah!"

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may God bless you all.


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