Sunday, September 13, 2009

"More Photos Of My Adorable Grandson!"

On the 1st of September, Dion went over to visit Josh and Noah and he had a great time. Noah was still taking his nap when he got there, so he talked to Josh for a while, and patiently waited for Noah to wake up.

Every time we go to Josh and Chrissy's place, we take our camera along so that we can take picture. Lately, Chrissy isn't there anymore because she's at her job at the bank and we're usually just stopping by after a physical therapy appointment for me or a doctor's appointment for Dion and it's a couple hours before Josh has to drop Noah off at Chrissy's mom and dad's house so they can watch him while Josh and Chrissy are both at work. Then Chrissy goes over there after work and stays until Josh gets home, or at least until it's Noah's bedtime.

I wish that Josh had normal, daytime hours for his job, but he makes good money and it's a good job with lots of responsibility, plus he's excellent at it and the main point is that he loves it. The fact that he loves his job is worth his weight in gold!

Anyway, after a little while, Noah did wake up and these are the pictures that Dion took of him. He sure is adorable, isn't he? He has been gorgeous since the moment he was born. But the best part of him is his sweet little spirit. He is so filled with joy and love that it just oozes out of him. You can tell that Josh and Chrissy shower him with love—and so do the rest of us! We can't help it—we love him so much!

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may God bless you all.


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Gloria said...

Cynde, he is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!
Lucky, lucky you!!!! xxx