Friday, July 24, 2009

"This Sure Has Been A Looonnngggg Week!"

Dion and I finally have our new (to us) car on the road. He took off a couple of hours from work on Tuesday and we went to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to have it registered, etc., and everything went perfectly.

Sadly, on Wednesday evening, we had to attend the calling hours for the father of one of my two best friends named Penny. I think I've spoken about them before. I call them: "My Penny's From Heaven". One Penny's name is Penny Flora (she's not the one from Wednesday night) who used to work with me for Cayuga Auto Parts and also Allan's Auto Repair. We also used to be roommates and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding. She's been my best friend for about twenty years and I love her to death! The other Penny is Penelope McGill. She's been my hairdresser and my best friend for about eighteen years. I've known her father for just about as long, plus, when I used to rent an apartment from Penelope's sister, Patti, her father used to live right next door to me.

He was a sweet man who was lonely and just needed someone to love. He married two women that were not right for him and seemed to abuse him. They took advantage of his giving spirit and I do believe that they broke his poor little heart, but he never complained. He always had a smile upon his face. And now, praise God, he is with the Lord and reunited with the wife of his youth, the mother of his four loving daughters: Patricia, Pamela, Pandora and Penelope. Frank Peabody is now in Glory; he is happy and without pain. We don't have to feel sad for him anymore. I thank the Lord for that!

Please remember to say a prayer for Penelope and her family, won't you? Her husband, Doug (I call him Doogie!) and their children, Jon Philip (J.P.) and Faith, will be missing Frank and will need prayers for comfort during these coming weeks as they adjust to this tragic loss. Please also pray for Patricia, Pamela, Pandora and their families as well. Thank you.

My 84-year old mother made a peanut butter birthday cake for my twin sister and me (it's our favorite!) and it turned out so cute. Let me describe it for you: The cake itself was a yellow cake with peanut butter icing. (Yummy!) There was a bird in the middle of the top of it, flowers and candy sprinkles surrounding the bird, then chocolate buttons lining the whole outside of the cake. In addition to it being a very pretty cake, it was very moist and delicious! Check out the pictures. Am I right or am I right? (hahahaha!)

Mom also sent over enough ziti and meatballs for a couple dinners for both of us. That was scrumptious as well. My mom is an excellent cook—the best in the county, for sure and maybe the best in the state! I guess I'm prejudice, though, right? I've always thought that Mom was actually the best cook in the whole world, but I didn't want to go overboard and say that. That would make me sound quite juvenile, wouldn't it? ("Well, too bad! That is what I believe! So there! Naa-naa! she says, as she sticks her tongue out at the people looking backing at her.) LOL!

Speaking of moms...Dion's mom—one of my favorite people in the entire world—is in the hospital right now. She drove herself to the doctor's office yesterday, because she hadn't been feeling well for several days and thought it was because she had switched medications, and they sent her to the hospital. She had them call Dion at work so that he could take her to the Emergency Room (ER). I'm so thankful that he was not delivering a part or a car out of town, because then he would have felt terrible. This way he was able to take almost the entire day off and wait at the hospital with her until she was waited on, then when Aunt Betsy (his mother's sister) got there, they waited to hear what the results of her CT-scan and x-rays were.

In the meantime, we had gone to check on her the night before and brought Max, her dog, up to our place to watch him because it was getting too hard for her to keep letting him in and out to go potty, so we're going to keep him for a few days. He always settles right into the schedule here like he's always lived here because he had to live here for three months one time when she went into the hospital. She had major surgery and we almost lost her—it was pretty scary. Max was so glad to see her when we were finally able to return him to her. It was so precious when they were reunited. He must have thought she was gone forever! That's him in the photo. We just adore him, and he loves us right back.

It turns out that Barbara has a very mild case (thank the Lord!) of diverticulitis and she also has a urinary tract infection (UTI)—not good, either one! She must be absolutely miserable. No wonder she hasn't moved an inch off her couch in days. And now she's going to miss the festivities for her "60th High School Class Reunion". That is such a shame. Please pray for her speedy recovery, ok? I love her so much! She's been just like a second mom to me ever since I've been 14 years old—that's fourty years! Can you imagine that? Wow!

Until next time...stay safe, stay well, and may God bless you all.


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Denise said...

This is a real interesting post and I am so sorry for the loss of your friend's father. My prayers are with him and his family who must miss him terribly. I hope Dion's Mom feels better real soon and the cake your Mom made looked beautiful and you're certainly entitled to think she is the best cook in the whole wide world, she's your Mom :))))

Cynde L. Hammond said...

Dear Denise,

You are so sweet. I do appreciate what you have said so much. You really made my day!

God bless you and I hope you will keep visiting me.